UFyH meets BuJo + meal planning ideas

So I’ve been fucking around with Bullet Journaling since April and UfyH for the past month-ish (though I’ve been following their tumblr for years and I bought their app aaaaages ago). I am only just now figuring out how I like using the BuJo and it’s all thanks to wanting to have a cleaner apartment and sense of routine.

But the catalyst for starting my BuJo was a minor health problem I was having. I thought tracking what I ate would help figure out my problem, which it didn’t. But it could have if it was a food related problem.

The Book

I decided on using a Leuchtturn 1917 because it’s such a popular book. I fucking hate it. The pages are way too thin and everything, even colored pencils, bleed or ghost through. It makes any attempt at makin’ it purty an absolute shit show. It doesn’t help that I somehow ended up with the grid style pages instead of the dotted. Just ew. I’m going back to Moleskine if I decide to continue.

What I do like about it is it comes with 2 bookmarks (though I only use one), there’s a buttload of pages, they’re all pre-numbered, and there’s an Index.

Why BuJu?

What I really like about the BoJu system is the flexibility and room for creativity. Alas, I quickly learned that I hated trying to make it look nice. Probably because any and all attempts would just turn out fugly, thanks to the thin page problem. I even bought a bunch of washi tape to use in it and I rarely want to use them. I had to come to terms with the fact that it’s going to look like trash. I had to learn to love it for how quick and easy I can make it.

I’d much rather use a a nice planner like a Condren, but I can’t justify that cost.


incredible stickers by TsukiMart

The Pen

I’ve been using a FriXion pen. It’s cool in that it’s erasable. But annoying in that it can be a bit messy and it ghosts big time. And I’d much prefer having a thinner line. I really dislike thick lines.

My Weekly Layout

Enough of admiring the outside! Here is what months of experimenting has gotten me:


a little more decorated than usual, for y’all’s sake.

So this is what my past 4 weeks have looked like, with tweaking and polishing along the way. The design is heavily lifted from a Reddit user. The spider stamp was sent to me by a kind yet arachnophobic lady from Goth Planners. She also provided the fun paperclip tags and some other goodies!

The washi tape tab was my pathetic attempt at making a little tab divider thing for each month. I may actually go back in and play catch up on those. For shits ‘n giggles. I wanted to do one washi tape style for every month change. We’ll see.

The trackers on the left side are for UfyH inspired chores and self-care things. Yes, I’m one of -those- people who keeps track of shit like when I showered. As a person with depression, anxiety, and who-knows-what-else, keeping track of selfcare is important.

I love my To-Buy list. If I think of something I need to buy (it doesn’t matter when), I write it down. When I buy it I mark it as done. This has already helped keep me focused on buying more things I need.

I forgot to put in my reading/watching list. Maybe that means I don’t need to keep it. But I want to try turning it into a tracker thing, maybe? Plan out when to read chapters/watch episodes? Maybe just make it a check list? I need to do something to keep me focused on finishing books and shows.

The right side is where people with real lives would write down appointments and shit. I just have more chores. Every day has it’s own specific chore, i.e. every Thursday is Stovetop Thursday. But there’s plenty of room to write down other things as needed.

Meal Planning

The Meals Options thing is something I’ve sort of developed myself ever since I went vegan and needed to figure out what I wanted to eat.

Every Friday (as you see on the right) I clean old food out of my fridge and make note of what I may want to eat for the next week and what what I’ll need to buy. I’ll jot down ideas on that Meal Options list, and then go to Amazon Fresh (where we get most of our groceries)and look at my pre-made recipe shopping list.


this really needs an overhaul/update

… and add what I need from the appropriate list. When I’ve added everything I need for each meal, I mark the item as done.

I think when I’m done with this post I’m going to move the list to the NEXT week. It doesn’t make sense to have to flip back to the previous week for meal ideas.

Other than that little snafu, I think my method works pretty well. It’s a good way of making sure I have the right ingredients on hand and reminds me of what I can cook, instead of poking through my cupboards and fridge, whining about not having anything to make.


Final Thoughts?

I would absolutely love to hear about people who have struggled like I have to make a BuJo work for you. Is your life as empty and meaningless as mine? Did you manage to make a BoJo work for you anyway? I really want to hear about it. If you have a post, share it in the comments. If not, just tell me about it!