Time Lord Challenge #1

Sims 4 Challenge: Time Lord Chapter 6


I took a bit of a break from the Time Lord challenge. But I’m back with a vengeance! With the release of Get to Work I’ve been playing most of my games on long or immortal life span. I’ve found the goals for this challenge to be easy enough that I’m going to just keep her immortal until I’m ready to regenerate.

I’m still having fun though. I’m obsessively changing houses, and now shops, more than I change my underwear.

Anyway, Sixth Explorer is Outgoing, Goofball, Bro and Joke Star.

Sims 4 Challenge: Time Lord Chapter 3

03-06-15_11-17 AM-3

And here we are at Third Explorer!

She is a snob, perfectionist, music lover, and wants to be a Musical Genius. She completed that with 15 days to spare!

This game just gets easier and easier. I’m buying a lot of traits and feeling like there isn’t too much challenge but when there is it’s really fun. When the aspiration is complete it can be a little dull. But I’m still loving it!

Time for memories! 03-09-15_11-16 AM-2

Sims 4 Challenge: Time Lord Chapter 2

I had… problems… with First Explorer. Actually more like the rules. And her house. The rules updated and changed a bit and I didn’t notice until today. I had her on a 20 x 30 lot so I moved her onto the required 50 x 50 lot. Then I tweaked me awesome house in an annoyingly bad way so I switched to a new house. The new house is tiny and is stuck in the far back corner of the lot so it looks… weird. But oh well.

03-05-15_10-27 PM-3

This is Second Explorer. Her traits are Creative, Art Lover, and Neat. her ambition is Creativity – Painter Extraordinaire which she finished with a ton of time left over. So she’s been working on her Tardis and violin skills.

She’s was -almost- as ugly as Rose Tyler so I slapped some S-Club stuff on her and voila! No more horse face!

Sims 4 Challenge: Time Lord Chapter 1

I’m not sure where to put this. I have a Sim blog on Tumblr but I hate Tumblr for that kind of thing. I also have a Sim blog on Blogspot but I love WordPress. So I’ll put it here, I guess.

I found this Time Lord challenge over on Reddit and I decided to give it a whirl. I’ve been thinking about doing a Sim that has to do ALL the ambitions and thought I’d have to just do a generational legacy challenge thing. I still might but I liked this idea too.

02-26-15_1-38 PM

My first Time Lord is called First Explorer.Her first ambition is Bodybuilder. She’s active, hates children and is clumsy. She succeeded her first ambition which was Athletic-Bodybuilder. She had a lot of time left over to start working on her painting skills.

Here she is meeting her first Companion.

02-26-15_3-32 PM