Quickie DIY: Spoopy arm warmers!

Remember the wee haul post I did on Sunday? and the crew socks that I said I wanted to turn into arm warmers? Well, I did just that yesterday and here they are!


So all I did was cut off the toe, which was just the last inch-ish of fabric. . I put it on with the top/cuff of the sock on my arm but it was just way too tight. I turned it around and the cuff was a lot more comfortable around my hand and wrist. I put it on like how I would wear it if it had a thumb hole and then cut a little hole for my thumb. Voila!

I’d like to do something more to them perhaps in the future when I have the ability. But for now I’m prepared for chllly weather in, what… 2 or 3 months? Ugh… screw you Southern weather!

obligatory spoopy action shot. and no i won’t stop saying spoopy:


Small Halloweeny haul!

Went to Target and CVS for body wash and shampoo. Came out with some other goodies as well! These are all very small things so they’ll be easy to pack while we’re still hoppin’ airbnbs and apartment hunting. Everything as pretty dang cheap as well so that’s nice.


I’m going to be some sort of spider queen person thing for Halloween so I’ve got some spidery tattoo things to help with the look. I also grabbed some false lashes. I figured I’ll probably be going without my glasses anyway to show off my shitty makeup so might as well try some falsies to enhance the look!

I also got 2 different types of leggings because this is the best time of year to get awesome leggings. One pair is just a general torn look and the other is more webby. I’ll probably wear the webby ones with my spider queen look.

Then we have some crew socks which I’m totally going to turn into some wrist warmer things. You know, just in case the temp drops below 90.

Then we’ve got an Eat, Drink, and be Scary sign WHICH I LOVE. Not pictured is a bottle of me

And then the most impractical thing I grabbed were the spoopy window decal sticker thingies. Impractical because we don’t have a window to call our own yet. But these are something I’d have up year round and they’re cheap, so why not get ’em?

LAST BUT NOT LEAST IS A TOTALLY AWESOME SPOOPY SKELETON DOLL! I’m calling it a doll because it’s fully articulated, even the jaw. I think she’s going to help me model my manicures and when she’s not doing to be ding that she’s going to hang off my purse. Yeah she’s kinda big for that but I think it’ll be fine.

I’ve never been so excited for Halloween before. I always am but there’s something different about this year.

There’s some other things I would love to get for my costume but I don’t know if I’ll be able to get them. I’ll post if I do!

So have you made favorite seasonal hauls lately? Tell me what your favorite find was!