Second Life

Exploring SecondLife: Kawaii edition

Hey all! I’m back with some more adventures. Not super exciting but certainly kawaii. I wanted to look around to see if I could find some neko gear. I had no luck but I did find this place, linked above.

The music in this place is pretty cute and fun, any weeabo would feel right at home here.

The first place I checked out what this little neko-themed area. There was cute furniture that I didn’t want to spend too much time looking at because I wanted it all so bad!


pillow pose pile! Excuse my weird crotch problem there. I’m still trying to figure out what’s up with that.


This was fun to jump on, and there was a squeaking sound on impact as well.


This “cat tree” was TOO FUN. I want!


For some reason this place was a little weird getting around. It was really cramped and I felt like I should have been shorter.



a weeabo’s playland


But there are some fun places to poke and take snapshots. I don’t think I actually saw many things for sale? I may have been distracted by the cute.



Can I have this IRL?


One of my favorite photo ops. So many poses for the desk!


*kicks machine* damn thing ate my coins!


There is a little tea room. They give you a cup but my mesh hands wouldn’t let me pose correctly with it.

This photobooth was kind of fun but it was hard getting in and out of.


If you’re into Japanese culture and especially if you have a neko outfit, I recommend you visiting this place. I effeminately want to go back!

Exploring SecondLife: interactive haunted house

Hey my sexy bats!

So I’ve kind of gotten back into Second Life a bit. I’ve got myself self up with a cool new mesh avatar and I want to do one of my favorite things: digital tourism! Um… that’s what I’m calling it anyway.

I’m thinking about doing somewhat regular posts on this sort of thing. I want to share snapshots of places I visit, to perhaps interest you in visiting them yourself. I won’t show everything there is to see in a place though, gotta leave you wanting more, y’know 🙂

*excuse the crap screenshots. I didn’t know they were like this until I left the place. I may go back and retake these if I can make the quality better and stop it from cropping!

So today I explored a haunted house. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I ended up having fun exploring the place.

Here is a link to the place:


Looks promising!


This is the living room. I found it to be quite warm and inviting.


Your hosts really want you to be comfortable. Take a load off, it’s been a long day!


The kitchen has a scene set up for 2 sims. I was alone so I had to prepare this hand all by myself.


A good blood bath does wonders for the skin!


Oh hellz no.


I heard there’s a “secret laboratory”. Obvious hint: This will set you on your way there.

I’d like to take some friend here that might enjoy it. Definitely worth visiting again.

So I did take some other shots but didn’t want to overload this post. And as I said above I want to leave some for you to find on your own.

Let me know what you think of this post, the series idea, etc!