subreddits for the darker soul

Whew. OK so I’ve wanted to compile this list for a couple months. I started it about a month ago and then WordPress ate it.

If you’re darkly inclined and you like Reddit, you may be interested in these subreddits! Please let me know if there’s anything you think should be on this list. I know I’m missing things, help a gal out!

note: Not all of these are NSFW/L but I’d reccomend just treating them as that as you explore.

My Favorites

/r/goth This should be an obvious first choice. It’s a personal fav and I’ve been hanging out there since the middleish of the year. The people there are pretty awesome and the Music Monday threads has helped me out with some of my Music Monday posts here. (check out the subs in the sidebar there so I can avoid being redundant).

/r/BatFacts Because bats. There’s also /r/bats.

/r/MorbidlyBeautiful I love this sub. It’s pictures of things that are somehow both morbid and beautiful, like The Beautiful Suicide and Kissing Skeletons which you may have seen before. I enjoyed flipping through the Top Posts.

/r/FearMe Ummmmm…???

/r/TrueCreepy Like /r/creepy but there’s a better chance of actually being creeped out.

/r/VictorianEra For all my Victorian Goth people and anyone who just loves history.

/r/witchhouse I’m obsessed with this genre of music, and the style of graphics.

Honorable Mentions

/r/creepy OK I’m not the hugest fan of this sub. There isn’t that much that actually creeps me out here.

/r/OldSchoolCreepy I may have it replace /r/creepy on my front page.

/r/CreepyHistory This one may be worth keeping around as well.

/r/LastImages This one actually depresses me but some of you may like it. It’s last known photos of people before they die.

/r/Paranormal I really like ghosts ‘n shit and I keep trying to get all cozy with a relevant sub. I can’t really get into this one but I’ll link it here anyway.