Pyxel Edit

All sorts of news!

I started a Twitter account. I don’t remember why anymore. Uhg.

I found, fell in love with, and purchased a program called Pyxel Edit.

I’ve been playing with Pyxel Edit:


I want to turn this into an animation.


remember this guy? he needs a name. Squiggy?


Found a cloud tutorial.


these guys were fun to make.


Nothin’ special going on here, but it has been fun.

I think that’s all the new stuff…

*edit* OK moar stuff.

I moved my pixel blog to my main blog.

I forgot I made this stuff in dotpict:

(I’ll post later)

18108425929_5b44710760_o 18104783380_dd1643b9f0_o 18288643752_86fc4185de_o 17671782593_4cbcd486ca_o 18293760851_3d7de0f9cd_o