OotD – gotta clean in something, might as well be this

To prove I’m still alive I figured I’d do an outfit pic. Ever since the Trump-ening I haven’t felt much like blogging or doing anything else. But today I needed an outfit to clean in (I’m behind on chores) so I figured I’d share it.

I’m pretty stoked about how this is looking. I’ll be wearing it quite a bit from now on! It could possibly use a fishnet shirt though.


Shirt: Some cheap shitty Souixie thing

I cut the hem off today. I keep thinking about turning it into a crop top though.

Dress: Dark in Love

This is a fun, really comfortable dress. It’s slinky and lacy and is super hi-low. You can’t quite tell in the pics though. I cut the sleeves off today before I hacked at Souixie.

Corset: Heavy Red

This is by far my favorite corset. I got it 2nd hand and it’s been one of my best purchases ever.

Leggings: Punk Rave

I love these. They sag in the butt/crotch a lot, which is to be expected, but I still love them.

Boots: Demonia

One of the few brands that don’t make my back AND my feet hurt. I love you, Demonia.

Hair: IDGAF Mode

I just wanted it off the back of my neck.

OotD 10/08/16

I have a mirror now! So I can tell I look bad before going outside.


So this outfit is really working for me. I forgot to put my long lace gloves and some rings on, but you get the idea. I feel like I need some spiky bracelets and maaaaybe one more necklace.


Dress – 2nd hand Forever21 from eBay.

Socks – Killstar

Boots – Demonia


Collar – KittenCollection

Necklace – ReStyle

Scent – Demeter’s Patchouli

OotD: something to do laundry in

I can’t be wandering around the building doing laundry in my jammies so I figured I better put something on.


one of these days I’ll figure out what to do with my face

I’m quite pleased with this outfit! It’s a lot more comfy than I thought it would be on this hot day. I feel like I need to get my accessories game amped up but this is a satisfactory start.


Dress: Jawbreaker

Leggings: Amazon

Shoes: eBay Thrifted Demonia

Corset: eBay Thrifted Heavy Red


Gloves: Amazon

Necklace: Amazon

Rings: Moth from blackpersimmons on Etsy, Owl skull from Dulce Caleverita on Etsy.

Nails: Amazon, Polish: PolishMeSilly Etsy

Hmm I think that’s all the deets. Let me know if I missed anything!




OotD: I heart these leggings

note: this was yesterday’s outfit but we had a brownout while I was writing it up so I just went to bed for the night.

I had a productive day of doing laundry and general tidying and dressing myself.


derpface covered for your protection


Dress: 2nd hand Heavy Red

Stockings: Heavy Red

Shoes: Demonia


Necklace: Heavy Red

Necklace: Ankh

OotD: slippery slip edition

I got all fancied up because we’re (hopefully) going Halloween shopping tonight! Although it’s getting late so I’m going to guess it’s not going to happen.



This shot ruined by a slip which has since been fixed.


Dress: H&M (excited to add studs to it)

Slip: eBay

Leggings: Target

Boots: Demonia


Choker: Amazon

Ankh: Killstar

Bracelet: Amazon

Ootd – 9/10/16

Time for some wandering about. It’s hot today but the parasol helps so much.


I wanted to wear my purple corset with this today but I was still full from oatmeal. I’ll probably put it on later.


Dress: Royal Bones 2nd hand dress

Leggings: Amazon

Shoes: Demonia


Backpack: Killstar

Necklace: Killstar

Bracelet: Heavy Red


bf’s photography is getting better!

OotD: “You can’t wear that to the bank!”

Watch me, bitch.


right after getting back

I had business to do at the bank today. There was a back-and-forth with my bf and I about appropriate bank wear. He asked if I could wear anything else. “Like what? These are my clothes!” He asked if I have a longer skirt. Well yeah but there’s nothing wrong with this one.

To be fair, I asked him (years ago) to let me know if I ever looked like trash or really bad before leaving the house. But I don’t think this counts. Even if the the bottom layer of this skirt has a giant tear in it.


Top, Skirt, Legs: Heavy Red


Purse, Necklace, Bracelet (if I had remembered): Heavy Red

Boots: Iron Fist

Parasol: Amazon

Nailpolish: OPI, I think?


I love this necklace.