Music Mondays -4/4/16

Hey all! I haven’t been doing MM because I just have been uninspired. Until this weekend!

Clan of Xymox is a new favorite band. I have listened to this album a few times now and there’s only one song that I didn’t do much for me. They’re a little extra special to me because they formed the year I was born.

Here is the first album I listened to from them:


Here is another album by them that I’m tucking into as I type this:


And for something completely different! Andrew Bird! I need to listen to more of him but he’s really rather awesome. I am in love with this song:

Music Mondays 1/25/16

So I keep coming back to witch house. I found some interesting articles about it and in the process discovered some new favorites, M△S▴C△RA and †‡† (Mascara and Ritualz).

Witch House: Listen with the Lights On by Necci

†‡† (Ritualz): Anonymous Witch-House Musician Draws from Pop’s Dark Side by Beverly Bryan

DARK HORSE by Leah Sottile

I would actually very much like to make my own witch house but I don’t know where to begin. I have no music creation background and have always been terrible about music.

This shit has really gotten into my brainmeats, the same way that New Orleans has gotten into me. It knocks around and makes a mess that makes sense. That didn’t make sense but that’s ok. Because here’s some witch house to set you straight:


Music Mondays 1/4/2016 (special New Years edition)

This past year has been really awesome for exploring new music. I’m so glad I started this series, even if I haven’t done every since Monday I’ve still found lots of cool new music.

I wanted to make a list of my top 5 favorite discovered bands from 2015, featuring one song from each of them.

In no particular order (because it’s going to be hard enough), my top 5!

#1 Ben Howard – Esmerelda

#2 Alabama Shakes – Don’t Wanna Fight

#3 Covenent – Atlas

#4 She Past Away – Kasvetli Kutlama

#5 Lorde – Yellow Flicker Beat

Music Mondays 12/10/15

Hey sexy bitches! I have some music for you. Most of it is chillax and prettyful but not this first one.

I hadn’t really been listening to any witch house music lately so I figured I’d check some out again. Here’s a little ditty by Depressed 040:


And here is something that’s really chillax.


My spotlight today is kind of shining on this new gal I found, Phildel.

Holy hell I love her lyrics! And her voice!


And this wolf song is just so… dark and wonderful. Holy hell. I’m really loving her. I totally plan on buying her album, which I haven’t fully listened to yet but I’m sure it’s amazing.


nnnnnnggggg I love her.