What’s in my Bag #2: New Killstar backpack!

So you know how I mentioned in my last WimB post that my backpack was falling apart and looking nasty (in a bad way) and I needed a new one? Then I bought that Heavy Red purse (which I still love and use quite regularly), but it was much smaller than I thought because I’m an idiot? My biggest peeve with going out with that purse is it’s hard to fit my parasol in it.

I’ve been living without a larger bag just fine. But then I got a laptop. And that Heavy Red purse was just a tad too small and many times I wish I had something large. Well. I took advantage of Killstar’s Labor Day sale and grabbed their vegan leather Ritual Ring Backpack. I grabbed a few other things as well but this post is all about the delicious, sexy bag.



precariously balanced upright on my kitchen table

I don’t really want this to be a review post, but I’ll say I’m highly impressed. The material is so much better than my other backpack.

Let’s Look Inside, Shall We?


there’s still room for more shit!

I’m (probably) going to be spending all day outside the house tomorrow, so I’ve packed accordingly.

There’s a couple other little things I need to toss in (cables, pads…) but it’s looking good so far.


From Top, Left to Right:

  • UV parasol. It fits perfectly in the outside side-pocket, probably meant for water bottles.
  • 15″ Chromebook. Fits both vertically and horizontally but only vertically if I want the parasol to fit in the outside pocket
  • Panda wallet, from Walmart
  • Precision scissors, nail clippers, cuticle oil, nail file
  • Bag ‘o yarn. I will probably remove the grey one. But my current project is a blanket for my local animal shelter
  • Leuchtturm bullet journal w/ Pilot FriXion pen
  • Bohemian Gothic tarot deck
  • Kindle Paperwhite
  • Headphones
  • Chaos journal
  • Phone

So that’s it! I started planning on modding the bag before I even bought it. I’ve got a couple things I want to pin on, and some things coming and more things I want to get. There isn’t quite as much room as I thought there was to mess with, which is a bummer, but it’ll be fun anyway!

If you have the same bag I’d love to see what you’ve got in it 🙂


*edited to add* Here’s a quick snap of my other backpack, of which my laptop would have never fit. I’m going to try deconstructing it and make some bracelets  and or chokers out of it. Weeee!