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TS4 Bachelor Pad

The lovely people over at The Sims 4 are releasing a new, free world that is completely empty. It has 15 lots ready to fill with whatever you want. I’m not personally excited about it but I know nearly everybody else is.

This new world prompted me to get back to house building. I had 3 that were nearly finished that seem to be missing so I’m sad about that. But I made a new one yesterday anyway, heavily inspired by this floor plan here.

I’m fairly proud of how it came out! Especially the kitchen. I haven’t test played it yet but you can get it here.

06-04-15_2-33 PM

TS4 Residential Lot: A Sweet Start

I nabbed some paint sample things from the hardware store, the kind that are all fancy and open up and there’s little scenes in houses that probably don’t exist to show off what the paint looks like. I figured I’d grab them for color inspiration for various things. I actually haven’t had them very long but kind of forced myself to try using them in TS4. I’m glad I did! Got me out of a bit of a slump and it was pretty satisfying.

I think I did best with the bedroom and kitchen. Mostly the bedroom. The bathroom was slightly larger from jolasims but I shrank it a tiny bit and moved things to make it fit better.

Based heavily off this floor plan.

04-30-15_10-30 PM 04-30-15_10-30 PM-2 04-30-15_10-31 PM 04-30-15_10-31 PM-3 04-30-15_10-32 PM 04-30-15_10-32 PM-2 04-30-15_10-32 PM-3 04-30-15_10-32 PM-4 04-30-15_10-33 PM

TS4 Residential Lot: Plan #48-641

OK so I guess I really am moving away from my simblr. That’s ok.

I hadn’t built anything for a really long time. Then the other day I saw a comment (my ONLY comment at the time) in my gallery:

Screenshot 2015-04-13 20

D’awwww. How sweet 🙂 I very rarely get feedback, especially something so positive SO I BUILT ANOTHER HOUSE. It’s heavily inspired off this.

I feel like I’ve improved a lot since my last build. I think this is the first time I used MOO so that helped some. Only problem is the house was originally worth around $18 and then it went to $4k and now it’s… $9k? I dunno bro. I’ll share it anyway.

Clickie the next image to go to it in the gallery.

Screenshot 2015-04-13 20

04-13-15_7-00 PM

I suddenly realized I forgot a floorplan shot.

04-13-15_7-02 PM-2


04-13-15_7-02 PM

Desk nook in the main area.

04-13-15_7-01 PM-3

The bed area with a screen dividing it from the kitchen nook.

04-13-15_7-01 PM-2

The dining nook. I envision a lot of Sim’s photos here.

04-13-15_7-01 PM

View from the dining table. Sims can watch TV awhile eating. And of course there’s the kitchen.

04-13-15_7-00 PM-2

There’s a little garden area to this side.

04-13-15_8-32 PM

The front!