Heavy Red

What’s in My Bag #1: New Goth Bag Edition!

My other bag has been falling apart and looking nasty so I had my heart set on a cute bat bag but then Heavy Red sent me an e-mail saying they had a sale. Lo and behold they had a purse I really liked. I am a whore for Heavy Red so of course I got their bag instead.

Let me know if you’re interested in a bag review.


It came with a shoulder strap, I just haven’t put it on yet.

I don’t know what the appeal is in seeing other people’s What’s in My Bag posts and videos, but I figured I could give back to that community and do my own. It probably won’t be too exciting because I just got the purse¬†yesterday.

My purse-stuffing habits are also probably not too exciting since I rarely ever go anywhere but it’s nice to have something ready to go! And I’m thinking maybe it’s best I keep some of this stuff together at home anyway to make it easier to find. Now that I’ve typed that out I’ve kind of realized my mom kind of does that too. You don’t see her stuff scattered all around, it’s all in her purse!

Without further ado, what it looks like opened up:


So neat and tidy!

The black lacy thing is a parasol that baaarely lets me zip the purse closed. I set it aside for this pic ’cause that’s pretty much all you get it see.


MIA: Keys & nail clippers. Oops.

More or less back to front, left to right:

  • Kindle Paper White
  • Sunscreen I never use
  • G Pad 7
  • Bullet Journal (Leuchtturm1917)
  • Freeform journal
  • Bohemian Gothic tarot deck
  • Windows phone
  • Lypsyl
  • Panda wallet
  • Set of Micron pens for the Freeform journal
  • Bohemian Gothic Tarot deck
  • Kat von D Sinner perfume
  • Matchbook from a restaurant called Cole’s (why do I have this?!)
  • UV Parasol
  • A couple pads
  • A couple hair elastics

So that’s it! I’ve been carrying the Freeform journal with me for about 6 years now and I’ve almost always had a tarot deck on me for 16 years. Always carry pads, everything else comes and goes. So who knows what this purse will have in it in a month or two!

This is a tag, and I wasn’t officially tagged myself. If you’re reading this, you’re tagged! What’s in your bag??