Gregory House MD

TS4: Greg House MD

I found a House household in the gallery and decided he would be my first doctor for the new Get to Work expansion. There were several canidates but I can’t remember whose I picked.

house1He is insane, a genius, and mean. He had the Nerd Brain aspiration but that didn’t seen right so after awhile I switched him to Chief of Mischief. I’m not quite sure I’d agree with the insane trait but other than that, he’s good to go!

This is his first day on the job.

04-02-15_12-34 AMI decided that he would totally troll the Goth house. He lives right across the street so it was totally easy to start wooing Bella. He visited several times to just use their facilities and be a general pain in the ass.

04-02-15_5-43 PMThey tried for baby several times. And it took!

04-05-15_2-34 PM-2House convinced Bella to leave her husband but didn’t have her move in. She had twins who both had red hair (???) and were very ugly. Yes I cheated to find out.

When he went to visit the twins, and the kids (hahaaha?) he broke up with Bella and then promptly begged for forgiveness. None of the family cared about any of this.

04-05-15_3-01 PM-3

Later on when the twins were kids and Cassandra Goth (Mortimer’s and Bella’s daughter) was Of Age, House came to visit… he seduced the panties off of her and took her to bed. He actually had to kick Morti out of her bed before screwing her silly. While they were in the middle of their 3rd Try for Baby session, in comes Bella.

“Oh, typical House. Haha.”

04-06-15_12-47 PM-4