Wardrobe Challenge: 1dress1week – day 2

Welcome to day 2 of my Wear 1 Dress for a Week challenge. Here’s Day 1!

Thoughts on yesterday: I’ve already been learning! Last night I realized I had another basic black dress that I liked less, so I put it in my donate pile. I also put 4 other dresses in my “maybe” box, and got rid of extra socks. One of the “maybe” dresses I may modify so it’s more comfortable.

My only complaint so far about this week’s dress is it’s a little too bold for me to wear without a bra. Near the end of the day I found a red tube top and put that on underneath. MUCH better!

Before deciding on this challenge I was thinking about doing the 333 thing – 33 items of clothing for 3 months. I counted my dresses, cover ups, tops, bottoms, leggings, and shoes and I think I got 44. That’s not bad! That’s just warmer weather wear, not counting my special lolita clothes.

Will I repeat day 1’s outfit? When I’m feeling extra lazy or sick or just want to be super simple, sure.

So anyway, here is today’s outfit:

  • Shirt: eBay
  • Corset: Dollskill
  • Shoes: Thrifted Demonia
  • Collar: Etsy
  • Necklace, Fishnet: Amazon

What a dramatic step up from yesterday! This is the first time I’ve worn this outfit. It didn’t come together for me until the corset. I LOVE THAT THING. It’s the weirdest, funnest thing I’ve owned.


OotD – gotta clean in something, might as well be this

To prove I’m still alive I figured I’d do an outfit pic. Ever since the Trump-ening I haven’t felt much like blogging or doing anything else. But today I needed an outfit to clean in (I’m behind on chores) so I figured I’d share it.

I’m pretty stoked about how this is looking. I’ll be wearing it quite a bit from now on! It could possibly use a fishnet shirt though.


Shirt: Some cheap shitty Souixie thing

I cut the hem off today. I keep thinking about turning it into a crop top though.

Dress: Dark in Love

This is a fun, really comfortable dress. It’s slinky and lacy and is super hi-low. You can’t quite tell in the pics though. I cut the sleeves off today before I hacked at Souixie.

Corset: Heavy Red

This is by far my favorite corset. I got it 2nd hand and it’s been one of my best purchases ever.

Leggings: Punk Rave

I love these. They sag in the butt/crotch a lot, which is to be expected, but I still love them.

Boots: Demonia

One of the few brands that don’t make my back AND my feet hurt. I love you, Demonia.

Hair: IDGAF Mode

I just wanted it off the back of my neck.

OotD 10/08/16

I have a mirror now! So I can tell I look bad before going outside.


So this outfit is really working for me. I forgot to put my long lace gloves and some rings on, but you get the idea. I feel like I need some spiky bracelets and maaaaybe one more necklace.


Dress – 2nd hand Forever21 from eBay.

Socks – Killstar

Boots – Demonia


Collar – KittenCollection

Necklace – ReStyle

Scent – Demeter’s Patchouli

OotD: something to do laundry in

I can’t be wandering around the building doing laundry in my jammies so I figured I better put something on.


one of these days I’ll figure out what to do with my face

I’m quite pleased with this outfit! It’s a lot more comfy than I thought it would be on this hot day. I feel like I need to get my accessories game amped up but this is a satisfactory start.


Dress: Jawbreaker

Leggings: Amazon

Shoes: eBay Thrifted Demonia

Corset: eBay Thrifted Heavy Red


Gloves: Amazon

Necklace: Amazon

Rings: Moth from blackpersimmons on Etsy, Owl skull from Dulce Caleverita on Etsy.

Nails: Amazon, Polish: PolishMeSilly Etsy

Hmm I think that’s all the deets. Let me know if I missed anything!




Bedlam Supplies haul + backpack update

Hey sexy bats!

So when I got my Killstar backpack I knew I wanted to add a bunch of shit to it. I have collected very little to add to it but I’ve had stuff from Bedlam Supply Co floating around on my wishlist for quite awhile so I finally bought some of them. I was pretty stoked when everything showed up!


pinback buttons and stickers!

Funny story but not really: I discovered Clan of Xymox through this shop. I saw the button and was like… who the hell is that? After a quick trip to YouTube I found my new favorite goth band. They’re one of my favorite bands to listen to while I’m cleaning.

I had to include some other favorite bands and other pins that match my interests, like the palmistry hand, Elvira (*swoon*), and The Goblin King, who needed an extra large button.

As far as stickers go… I can’t resist anything to do with tarot, and I loved those vintage skeletons.

I attacked my backpack right away. Behold!


I used some star studs from a previously failed project to tack down one of the stickers. It worked just as I hoped!

Button placement isn’t very exciting. I just took a spray-n-pray approach to it.I’m ok with that.

I covered the pocket flap on the right with a piece of shitty lace I cut off a dress. RIP, dress. I just couldn’t stand to wear you anymore D:

I have some other stuff to stick on there but I’m too lazy for that right now there’s no hurry!

So I can’t be the only one who found a new favorite band in a weird an unexpected way. Tell me about your discoveries!


OotD: I heart these leggings

note: this was yesterday’s outfit but we had a brownout while I was writing it up so I just went to bed for the night.

I had a productive day of doing laundry and general tidying and dressing myself.


derpface covered for your protection


Dress: 2nd hand Heavy Red

Stockings: Heavy Red

Shoes: Demonia


Necklace: Heavy Red

Necklace: Ankh

Goth ‘o Ween haul

Michaels was having a huge sale, as usual. I finally got to go. I wanted to get supplies to make a Halloween wreath. I also wanted to be a tacky goth and take this glorious opportunity to buy some decor items.

Decorating is rather difficult right now because our apartment is still a bit empty and not well put together. But at least I’ve got a head start now.


wreath stuff

Here’s a preview of what the wreath is going to look like. I’ve never made one before. I’m really dreading it. I’ve already got started and there’s purple glitter everywhere. Not complaining though.


decor stuff

These frames are amazing. They’re a heavy material, like resin maybe? I also like the shifty photos. I don’t know what pics I’m going to replace them with or what I’ll do with the shifty pics but that doesn’t really matter when they’re so awesome. Right? …. right?!

That dish bowl thing… I had a million different ideas for it so I’m glad I grabbed it.

The skull/bird was just too awesome to pass up. It’ll be a permanent addition to my bookshelf.

The candle is shit. The throw is terrible. Would not recommend if you want any scent in your room. I’m pretty pissed about that.

I stuck the bat stickers up to greet you as you walk through the door. Less than an hour later half of them were on the floor. #fml

I’ve already assembled the bat garland. It’s really fun and I’ve got a few ideas for it!

Those fun label things are on thin wood. I immediately knew I wanted to turn them into refrigerator magnets. I forgot to buy the magnets while I was there but ordered some off Amazon when I got home.


crafty stuff

Halloweeny stamps! I really shouldn’t have bought these. I don’t usually use specialty themed stamps. But I figure I can use most of them as spoopy, non-seasonal stamps. I want to use them mainly in my shitty Bullet Journal.

Ugh. I hate glue guns but I really need it for so many things.

All the jewelry bits and bops are going to be fun to play with. The little bottles in the back have playing cards and postcards in them, I wanted them mainly for my dolls. The bottles in the front, I want to put graveyard dirt in them and make them into necklaces. The other things I’m hoping will be nice additions to chainmail jewelry.



And last we have some socks! The material feels kind of shitty but what do you expect for the price? I kind of needed some more tall socks though, so I won’t complain too much.

So that’s it! I’ll update on all the projects when they’re done.

Have you done any any Halloween hauls lately??