first impression

Cities Skyline!

So I’ve been playing some Cities Skyline. I’m not the best at these sorts of games but I do enjoy them and this is my favorite by far. I’m no pro at talking about these things but I’ll do what I can.

The UI is sleek, and intuitive, if a bit ugly and Playskool looking, but a delight to use. It’s easy to tell what’s going on where, and why. Lots of little details in both graphics (signage on the buildings! people walking their dogs whaaat?!) and in gameplay. Like being able to follow people and… I don’t know, it’s just very detailed.

I haven’t looked at the mods but I’ve heard about a lot of them, like the first person camera. Speaking of cameras… Did I mention the camera is a TILT SHIFT?! Bitches love tilt shift. Well, I do anyway. There’s also color and graininess.

If you like these sort of games I don’t think you could go wrong by getting it. Just… do it. If you’re not completely sold, wait for a sale.

I’ll shut up and show ya a few pics:

2015-03-27_00002 2015-03-27_00004 2015-03-27_00010