Quick, easy, inexpensive goth decor

I saw these flowers on Amazon and immediately bought them (along with actual important stuff for our new bathroom). I had a few ideas with them but wasn’t able to do anything until today. I didn’t put anymore money directly into it so it only cost $11.99.


Other materials used:

  • Black tissue paper that came wrapping a Living Dead Doll box.
  • A pasta sauce jar
  • A black hair band

That’s it!

I put the jar right side up on the paper (I just grabbed a random piece), put the paper up to the neck, put a hairband around the top, crinkled down the edges, bent flower stems haflishway, stuck ’em in there.

I wouldn’t mind getting one or two sets, adding one more into the jar and doing something with the others. They’re just too cool.

It’s currently living in my bathroom and I suspect the tissue will get wet there from the sink so I’ll have to move it or find maybe a black plastic to wrap around the outside. But for now it’s fine.

Here’s a closer look: