DIY: 12 hour crochet cowl

Nothing says last minute gifting like recieving some yarn and an awesome hook so I can make this cowl for the BF.

PicMonkey Collage

It was tough finding the right yarn online and making sure it would show up on time. It’s not my top choice but it works.

I really wanted another Addi Swing hook but it was $19. NOPE. I’m glad I got the Brittany one though. I’ve always thought they’re beautiful. They remind me of wands!


I swear he was much more excited than he looks :-p


Strike a pose!

And yes, it only took about 12 hours with small breaks here and there. And yes, I made the starting chain way too tight. I always do. I can’t not make it too tight. Same goes with knitting as well. Doesn’t matter what I do. Ugh. Anyway, it doesn’t affect anything so I’ll just try to forget it.

It was a fun project, always love the half double crochet stitch. I’d love to make more as gifts.

I’m Dreaming of a Dark Christmas: Crochet Snowflakes

Remember when I was talking about crocheting snowflakes? Well my red, silver, and black thread came in (aaages ago) as well as my hook. I’ve made 7 total!


I’m glad I gathered all those videos, they’ve been really helpful.

Overall the patterns are very easy. They’re quick little project. I made the first 6 of these while wearing my long faky nails and it was a pretty slipper ordeal. The last one was so much easier to do but still tough. I tried to do 3 more after these but I guess my crochet mojo ran out for awile.

The hardest part is seeing the teeny black stitches in the dim motel lighting. If I had the patterns printed up I’d just go to a well lit cafe or something.

So crap lighting has really slowed me down a lot unfortunately.

I’m actually looking forward to blocking them when I’m able to. I think they’ll be bad ass. I was thinking of incorperating glitter somehow. Maybe a light coating of spray glitter?

DIY plans: crochet gothy snowflakes

So I’ve been itchin’ bad for a knit or crochet project. So I ordered a Swing hook and some thread in red, black, and silver. I’m planning on making a bunch of snowflakes. At the very least I’ll make them all black, one of every pattern I can find so they’re all unique. I doubt there’s enough patterns to really get me excited but we’ll see.

I grabbed the red and silver a bit on the whim, and because it wasn’t that much more especially when you factor in shipping. I was tempted to get yellow, as a really stupid, gross joke 🙂

Ideally I’d like to string them all up on fishing line or something, to make a “curtain” but I don’t know if I’ll be able to do that. At the very least I can have them laying about the motel room so they look pretty and festive. That’s the only kind of snow I’ll be able to see this year :-/

So I’m going to just drop a bunch of crochet snowflake tutorials here so I can keep track of them and maybe some of you will join along, hmmm??

OK I’m going to see if I can share the playlist I’m making. I’ll probably be adding for awhile!