My first chain mail project!

I’ve loved how chain mail looks for a rather long time. I really like how it can be used for so many different things, and be made in so many different styles.

I’ve fiddled with chain mail a tiny bit – I think I made a couple incredibly simple earrings out of some spare, random jump rings. I’ve been hesitant about diving into it for a variety of reasons but this week I finally ordered some supplies!


the pokey-thing is just a double ended knitting needle. it helps me poke things.

I only own one bracelet so I figured I’d start making one. The byzatine weave looked pretty good to me. I bought the rings after seeing a tutorial that used the exact same size. It looks really nice and is a good beginner weave so I figured, why not?

It was a really fun, simple project. It took 3 days but only because I really took my time. I could have done it in one day, I’m sure.

Unfortunately I did make some booboos, of course. And I didn’t see them until I was editing the photos. Of course. But that ain’t gonna stop me!

Despite my careful measuring and “trying on”, it still ended up being a tad too big. So I had to take some off. It’s the right size to gently squeeze onto my wrist. I think I’ll actually take the clasp off and save it for something else.


I have so many plans to make so many things! But I’m having a hard time finding the right rings. Turns out you can’t use just one ring to make all the things. I’ve tried several other things with these things and only managed to knock out a pair of earrings that don’t look right in this guage or aspect ratio or whatever. So there’s different sizes and gauges for more reasons than I thought . Sigh.

Does anybody have suggestions on what else I can make, jewelry-wise, with these particular rings? I’m at my wit’s end!