Lolita fashion review: Bodyline l579 in green

I’m not really sure how much this review is wanted or needed. I also don’t know if there’s a better place for it (maybe I’ll mirror it on Tumblr). But I like reading reviews before I buy something so I’ll post this on the off chance that it helps someone.


Angelic Pretty blouse, shoes from Amazon, socks are off brand

Here is the JSK in question. I brain farted big time (I’m getting over a flu thing) and didn’t take a photo of it by itself.

  • Dress price: ¥2,665
  • Tax and some other charge: ¥426
  • Grand total: ¥3,913
  • Date ordered: July 19, 2017
  • Date shipped: ??? It’s a bit confusing.
  • Date arrived: August 5th
  • Shipping Method: Japan Post – Airmail(10-90 days)

I ordered a size large (34″ish bust, 29″ish waist) and it fits perfectly! I really liked all the colors but there was only one green left in my size. I’m kind of glad I didn’t have to choose.

At the time of writing this post I see that the cost of the dress went up. It’s now roughly the price I paid including shipping. What’s with the jump?! Anyway, I paid roughly $40 total for this dress. I’m quite pleased with it overall and I’d happily pay for the new, inflated price but I’d be a bit peeved if I knew I missed a lower price. Of course.

On to some detail shots!


This detachable bow and the moon were what tipped me over the edge. Unfortunately, the moon had fallen off during transit so I had to super glue it back on. And then I didn’t know until after I had it for a bit that the moon was supposed to be on a separate pin. No clue where the pin is now!


Further down the bodice… The white lace is just ok. I’ve felt softer and rougher. The design is forgettable but it does add a nice enough touch. The gold cord(?) is a super nice touch. It really adds a lot, ties in with the dress as a whole, and I love that it’s layered on top of the white lace. I’m real pleased with that.


Shirring and lacing is fine. I like that the lacing goes through actual loops instead of through the eyelets of more lace, like some dresses do. You’ll also notice the bodice is unlined, per Bodyline’s usual standard. The skirt is unlined as well. The straps are adjustable.


Here’s the trim at the bottom. Again, the gold cord is layered over the white stuff BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! That lovely goldish trim is rather lovely. It’s ruffly and flouncy and stretchy and soft. You can kind of tell that it has some metallic shiny type spots to it, giving it more of an actual gold appearance. This triple layering of trim delights me on some sort of strange level.


Here’s a little sampling of the art! It’s very cute and childlike. It has a real 80s vibe to it, I think.

I haven’t worn this out yet but I’ve lounged around in it at home, sundress style (no blouse, no petti). It’s very comfortable. The fabric is perfect. The print is clear. I forgot to photograph the ties but they’re detachable. I think there’s a lot of different blouses and cardigans you can wear with this. It’s very forgiving. I think there’s a very Springy feel to this.

I need a better sock choice for this. I like the ones I have but they’re not very lolita at all.

I’ll leave you with a few more pics of coord ideas. I don’t have a lot to play with but here ya go:



Cardigan is Metamorphose


Enter a cYes I only have one pair of lolita shoes why do you ask


Cutsew is Angelic Pretty.