Quickie DIY: Spoopy arm warmers!

Remember the wee haul post I did on Sunday? and the crew socks that I said I wanted to turn into arm warmers? Well, I did just that yesterday and here they are!


So all I did was cut off the toe, which was just the last inch-ish of fabric. . I put it on with the top/cuff of the sock on my arm but it was just way too tight. I turned it around and the cuff was a lot more comfortable around my hand and wrist. I put it on like how I would wear it if it had a thumb hole and then cut a little hole for my thumb. Voila!

I’d like to do something more to them perhaps in the future when I have the ability. But for now I’m prepared for chllly weather in, what… 2 or 3 months? Ugh… screw you Southern weather!

obligatory spoopy action shot. and no i won’t stop saying spoopy: