Wardrobe Challenge – 1Dress1Week – Day 7 & wrap up

Welcome to day 7 of my Wear 1 Dress for a Week challenge. Here’s Day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4, day 5, and day 6!

Thoughts on yesterday:

Doesn’t seem very different from day 1 but it really was. I’ll be wearing it a lot more, especially in the evenings, air conditioned rooms, and at the movies, where it’s cooler and the flannel will be more appropriate. The pockets are a HUGE help. I was able to carry my phone in one and my wallet in the other.

Today’s outfit:


  • Shoes: Demonia, thrifted
  • Shirt, black necklace: Heavy Red
  • Ankh: Killstar

I tried really hard to find a good shirt to wear under this. Unfortunately, this long sleeve one was the best one that fit my preferred look. I had to dig it out of my cooler weather box but I think it was worth it. Like yesterday’s outfit, this one is best for air conditioned rooms, cool evening walks, and the movies.

I need to figure out what to do about sucks. Some footie socks would be the best. Barefoot wasn’t as horrible as I thought it would be though.

Thoughts about this Challenge:

I’ll start by explaining my usual wardrobe setup: I have one outfit crammed on one hanger each. I did little to no switching, mixing, and matching. This was to make it easier to just grab something to wear. Of course, this meant having many individual pieces, but it was worth it for peace of mind.

So then I come along and really force myself to mix ‘n match. It was fun because of the challenge of it but I don’t know if it’s something I want to keep up. I’m thinking about trying to prepare the next day’s outfit every night before bed so maybe if I go about it that way I’ll be just as happy as if I do my One Hanger, One Outfit plan.

Scoreboard of Used items:

  • Shirts: 3
  • Shorts: 1
  • Coverups: 1
  • Socks used: 1
  • Shoes used: 4
  • Hose used: 2
  • Accessories used: 8

So I used 20 items total. I am not counting the tube top or the floral print shorts because those are pretty much “underwear” with this dress.

I could ditch some things but at that point, I lose interesting things that show my personality. If I wanted to go on a trip and pack light I could go down to 2 pairs of shoes (probably the flats and holo boots).

Things I learned:

  1. It’s easier to do than I thought
  2. Accessories are more important than I realized
  3. I have a lot of clothes that aren’t as comfortable as I thought
  4. I learned how to spot basic layer pieces
  5. How IMPORTANT basic layer pieces are
  6. Not quite as terrible having limited choices as I thought
  7. A little hair/makeup is more important than I care to think about
  8. This challenge is good for learning what you can get rid of and making you think more minimally
  9. Handwashing isn’t painful

Things I dumped because of this challenge:

  • 4 other black dresses, with varying degrees of basicness
  • Sort of indirectly: But I have a pair of Demonia boots I may get rid of

Things I want because of this challenge:

  1. Another slip dress, but different color to provide more styling choices/expression, and reduce washing and wear
  2. Galaxy print socks or leggings to wear with the Galaxy outfit
  3. A better pair of boots to replace the Demonias if I do (they’ll go with more outfits I think)
  4. I really want to do more with my hair/makeup but I’m soooo lazy and bad at it

Soooo I think that’s it!

What did you think of this challenge? Would you/have you done it? Tell me about it!

What challenge should I do next? I’m thinking a skirt or shirt!



Wardrobe Challenge: 1dress1week – Day 6

Welcome to day 6 of my Wear 1 Dress for a Week challenge. Here’s Day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4, and day 5!

ONE MORE DAY LEFT. I’m kind of bummed out about that. I have 2 or 4 ideas left so who knows what I’ll do tomorrow. I’m thinking about doing a similar challenge next week, but with a skirt.

Thoughts from yesterday:

No new thoughts since I didn’t get to wear it very long but it really is seriously a great outfit. Still haven’t decided what kind of shoes would go better though.

Today’s outfit:


  • Shoes: Current Mood
  • Flannel: My mom actually made it back in the 90s! It was a gift for my dad but then her dad ended up with it and now I have it, yay!
  • Necklace: The one from Griffith Observatory again
  • Socks: The Obey socks again

I have really been looking forward to wearing this outfit. I wore it at least one before, with some thick thigh high socks and garters. It’s too warm for that AND a flannel. But man oh man is this comfortable. And I don’t know why but the phrase “trash mammal” really comes to me with this. I LOVE IT.



Wardrobe Challenge: 1Dress1Week – day 5

Welcome to day 5 of my Wear 1 Dress for a Week challenge. Here’s Day 1, day 2, day 3, and day 4!

Thoughts on yesterday:

Since I didn’t get to wear it all day due to feeling crappy, I don’t think I can add any new thoughts. I’m still wanting to get galaxy print leggings or socks though.

Today’s outfit:


  • Shorts: Dollskill
  • Boots: Ironfist
  • Necklace: Griffith Observatory

Today I really felt like lounging in my jammies but I did actually put this outfit on long enough to make sure it looked good. And it does! I like how simple and almost sleek this outfit is. The shoes… I think there are better shoes out there for this outfit, but I don’t own them. I’d love some suggestions!

Wardrobe Challenge: 1Dress1Week – day 4

Welcome to day 4 of my Wear 1 Dress for a Week challenge. Here’s Day 1, day 2, and day 3!

Thoughts on yesterday:

Yesterday’s outfit was great. I wouldn’t mind finding better leg coverings but overall it was a great outfit and rather flexible for jewelry and shoes. Will be wearing again!

Today’s Outfit:


  • Boots: Current Mood via Dollskill
  • Shirt: Gifted to me/hand me down
  • Collar: from LucidArray
  • Socks: Obey via Dollskill

I had a rough day today. I was cramping pretty bad and got all dopey on painkillers so this is as good as today’s photo gets. Luckily I already had this in mind because of this outfit I’ve been wearing recently. I don’t think today’s outfit was quite as cute as the original but I’m wondering if some galaxy print socks or tights will do the job. I do like to cover my legs so I’ll do some shopping around.

In the original outfit, I’m wearing a matching crop top you can’t see, that came with the skirt, as a set. I could ditch those in favor of socks or tights and simplify things a teeny bit. But they’re still new and completely wearable and I still like them.

Anyway, this was probably one of the most comfortable outfits I’ve ever worn, ever.



Wardrobe Challenge: 1dress1week – day 3

Welcome to day 3 of my Wear 1 Dress for a Week challenge. Here’s Day 1 and day 2!

Thoughts on yesterday: 

I took a shower last night and decided to wash the dress at the same time (not while wearing it!). I used Dr Bronner’s and I think it went well enough. I hung it up and it was still ever so slightly damp this morning, but not unwearable.

I absolutely loved this outfit! It was fun and comfortable. The corset gets wonky after awhile so it’s not good for alllllll day wear but that’s fine. I feel like this is a very repeatable outfit.

Today’s Outfit:


  • Belt: Killstar
  • Hose: Target
  • Boots; Ironfist
  • Big Crystal Necklace: Amazon
  • Smaller Crystal Necklace: EmelyRoseBoutique

Y’all. I had a hard time doing today’s outfit. I wanted a witchy vibe so I tried REALLY hard to make use of a shirt with long drapey sleeves but it was just a liiiittle bit not right.  I also tried working with a pair of shorts I got for my birthday and loved the idea of but they’re not working out. So I put this together… which felt like cheating. It’s more Witch than yesterday’s Goth so it is a different look but I still feel like I cheated somehow.

Wardrobe Challenge: 1dress1week – day 2

Welcome to day 2 of my Wear 1 Dress for a Week challenge. Here’s Day 1!

Thoughts on yesterday: I’ve already been learning! Last night I realized I had another basic black dress that I liked less, so I put it in my donate pile. I also put 4 other dresses in my “maybe” box, and got rid of extra socks. One of the “maybe” dresses I may modify so it’s more comfortable.

My only complaint so far about this week’s dress is it’s a little too bold for me to wear without a bra. Near the end of the day I found a red tube top and put that on underneath. MUCH better!

Before deciding on this challenge I was thinking about doing the 333 thing – 33 items of clothing for 3 months. I counted my dresses, cover ups, tops, bottoms, leggings, and shoes and I think I got 44. That’s not bad! That’s just warmer weather wear, not counting my special lolita clothes.

Will I repeat day 1’s outfit? When I’m feeling extra lazy or sick or just want to be super simple, sure.

So anyway, here is today’s outfit:

  • Shirt: eBay
  • Corset: Dollskill
  • Shoes: Thrifted Demonia
  • Collar: Etsy
  • Necklace, Fishnet: Amazon

What a dramatic step up from yesterday! This is the first time I’ve worn this outfit. It didn’t come together for me until the corset. I LOVE THAT THING. It’s the weirdest, funnest thing I’ve owned.


Wardrobe Challenge: one dress, one week – day 1

Last night I was inspired by a ton of different people to do some minimalist wardrobe challenges. I think it would be really fun to do, provide a learning experience, and maybe motivate me to minimize even more. It will be really interesting to see how I can still rock my gothic and alternative vibes.

I decided I’d wear the same dress for one week. It’s really hot here in our SoCal apartment and that’s where I spend all my time so I picked my lightest, simplest dress. I got it from a swanky secondhand store in West Hollywood a couple years ago.


sorry for all the bland indoor photos

If even one person gets inspiration from me on how to style a black slip dress then I will call this a success.

So here’s what I did for day 1:

  • Dress: Thrifted
  • Shoes: Hot Chocolate
  • Crystal Necklace: EmlyRoseBoutique
  • Other necklace: Restyle
  • Makeup: None but I really wanted to put on some mascara and vampy lipstick.