Fucked up Art I did as a Teen

So I recently came across a small pile of art I did back in the 90’s. I had mostly completely forgotten about all of it. I have spent some time selecting the most beautiful, well-executed and thought provoking pieces. Looking back I wonder why I didn’t keep up on my artistic talents. Who knows how many world famous galleries I’d be in today?

/s. So much /s.

First up we have this… thing:


So this is an interesting thought experiment in the existentialism presented in the darkest corners of our internal landscape.

But you can’t just sit back and enjoy something like this. You have to stick your nose right up to it, much like I must have done when I rendered this masterpiece (I never wore my glasses).



Clearly that lurching feeling in  your stomach comes from envy. “What brilliance… I never could have drawn that well as a teen!” you must thing. Surely. Right?

Let’s not dwell too long, we have a couple more things to look at!


For fuck’s sake. What in the world…?!

I used to draw those flower formation things with a compass all. the. time. Surely it must represent my desire to grow and please authority, while still holding onto a wild and dangerous sense of self.

Again, a close up is in order…


Attention to detail… unrivaled.

And my most favorite treasure of this timeless collection:


Yes, “thank you Master”, you say, tears in your eyes and a swelling, gagging, sense of gratitude in your chest.

You’re welcome. 

fun with glich art, pixel sorting, and double exposure

I discovered glitch art and pixel sorting earlier this year and I have been hooked. I can’t really explain the attraction but there is something that’s just incredibly right about it. I also love the unpredictability of your results as well as the many different ways to do it. Here’s a few things I whipped up today:


photo: mine. method: Glitch! for Android.


photo: mine: method: Glitch! for Android.

My preferred glitching fuel is a shot of bourbon in a glass of Negra Modelo, which is a beer I fell in love with at about the same time I started glitching. The combo is another attraction that I can’t seem to explain. They just click so very well.


photo: mine. method: Glitch! for Android.


photo: method: Glitch! for Android.

And I know this is too similiar to the one above but I still liked it a lot:


photos: mine. method: Glitch! and BlendPic for Android.

I also noticed that this stuff has a Witch House (as in music) aesthetic to it sometimes but I didn’t notice until now. Next time I’m going to have to add some Sidewalks and Skeletons to the mix!

Have you heard about glitch art before? You should give it a whirl! You can use something as simple as an .jpg and WordPad but as I said above, there’s a lot of ways to do it!

*edit* I made a couple more before falling asleep last night:


photo: method: Glitch! for Android.


photos: method: BlendPic for Android

All sorts of news!

I started a Twitter account. I don’t remember why anymore. Uhg.

I found, fell in love with, and purchased a program called Pyxel Edit.

I’ve been playing with Pyxel Edit:


I want to turn this into an animation.


remember this guy? he needs a name. Squiggy?


Found a cloud tutorial.


these guys were fun to make.


Nothin’ special going on here, but it has been fun.

I think that’s all the new stuff…

*edit* OK moar stuff.

I moved my pixel blog to my main blog.

I forgot I made this stuff in dotpict:

(I’ll post later)

18108425929_5b44710760_o 18104783380_dd1643b9f0_o 18288643752_86fc4185de_o 17671782593_4cbcd486ca_o 18293760851_3d7de0f9cd_o

I have found my favorite pixel artist

He represents everything I want my pixel art to look like. I’ve been looking and waiting to find someone reflecting what I have in mind to use as inspiration.


Sorry jimmy.


It’s a dead wrinkly flesh monster zombie thing. Reminds me slightly of a critter I crocheted ages ago. I’mma have to try to pixelize said critter.

Made with dotpict ’cause I love it other than the color restrictions.

wpid-wp-1431930539347.png wpid-wp-1431930058255.png