Wardrobe Challenge: 1dress1week – day 3

Welcome to day 3 of my Wear 1 Dress for a Week challenge. Here’s Day 1 and day 2!

Thoughts on yesterday: 

I took a shower last night and decided to wash the dress at the same time (not while wearing it!). I used Dr Bronner’s and I think it went well enough. I hung it up and it was still ever so slightly damp this morning, but not unwearable.

I absolutely loved this outfit! It was fun and comfortable. The corset gets wonky after awhile so it’s not good for alllllll day wear but that’s fine. I feel like this is a very repeatable outfit.

Today’s Outfit:


  • Belt: Killstar
  • Hose: Target
  • Boots; Ironfist
  • Big Crystal Necklace: Amazon
  • Smaller Crystal Necklace: EmelyRoseBoutique

Y’all. I had a hard time doing today’s outfit. I wanted a witchy vibe so I tried REALLY hard to make use of a shirt with long drapey sleeves but it was just a liiiittle bit not right.  I also tried working with a pair of shorts I got for my birthday and loved the idea of but they’re not working out. So I put this together… which felt like cheating. It’s more Witch than yesterday’s Goth so it is a different look but I still feel like I cheated somehow.

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