What’s in my Bag #3: minimalist +options edition


Last week I put together a minimalist wallet. What I wanted was something compact, no extra trimmings, easy to grab, minimal. The only thing I could find in my possession was a mini tin housing a tarot deck. I moved the deck into a little organza bag, and decorated the tin with a Kat von D flier, and some spooky washi tape. I loaded it up and have revised it twice since. Here’s what I’ve got as of today:

Option 1: Bare Minimum Wallet


Perfect for just running errands, going to the movies, anything where I’m not planning to just chill somewhere for awhile. I usually don’t have my phone when I just have this.

Tin Wallet Pros: Super lightweight. Pocket-friendly. Can’t get carried away packing things in there. Super minimalist.

Tin Wallet Cons: Hard to carry if you don’t have pockets. No room for entertainment/just-in-case items. It’s hard to find when I want to grab it real quick.

But.. what if I want to carry a little more with me? Like if I’m going to the bar, want to have my phone and some combination of Just-in-case-I’m-bored objects? Enter: my Heavy Red drawstring purse.

Option 2: Almost Bare Minimum


Bare Minimum tin, tarot deck, a book, (phone).

Drawstring bag pros: Easy and comfortable to carry. Compact, I can put it in a larger bag/purse. Gothic design.

Drawstring bag cons: This particular bag doesn’t have any pockets in it. If it did I’d probably ditch the tin, simply because it’s so much easier to carry. Doesn’t go with many of my outfits (jfc, do I really care?).

I love this thing. I got it during a special sale where if you spend X amount you get the purse loaded with goodies, all free. The goodies were awesome and I can’t see myself dumping the purse anytime soon but I’d certainly use it for other things.

But then we have my beloved black and white purse

Option 3: Moderately Minimum



Bag + it contents, a small crochet project, hand sanitizer I only used once, floss, yet another backup pad.


It’s a step or half a step roomier than my drawstring bag. I absolutely love it for its beauty and quality. I could stash the hand sanitizer and floss elsewhere.

Pros: Lovely sophisticated gothic look. Simple. Pockets. Works with most, if not all, of my outfits. Easy to hang up near the door.

Cons: It’s almost redundant. Sure it’s more useful than the bag because it has pockets but I don’t know. Seems unnecessary to have.

I could simplify by just using the bag for something completely different and only have my purse and backpack to choose from.


Last Thoughts

I’m not going to get into my backpack because I don’t think it really fits here. There’s something else going there that needs it’s own post.

Anyway, I’m fairly content with where I am as far as everyday carry items. It’s a bit weird for me because I don’t go out very often so in some ways it’s easier for me than an average person. But in some ways it’s harder.

I’m trying to figure out how to fit the Zero Waste lifestyle in with mine so I suspect I’ll soon be carrying some extra things: reusable food container for leftovers, a reusable straw, travel cutlery, reusable napkins, not sure what else. I’ll probably save those things for the backpack though.

My biggest problem is really stupid: figuring out what to bring when I go out. I’m about to head out to the coffee shop so I’m wondering… do I want to work on my laptop, or just bring a book? Maybe I should bring my backpack so I have all the options? A better, less-purse-addicted minimalist than me would probably just have the backpack.

Oh well. Nothing is set in stone. We’ll see what happens.

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