Bedlam Supplies haul + backpack update

Hey sexy bats!

So when I got my Killstar backpack I knew I wanted to add a bunch of shit to it. I have collected very little to add to it but I’ve had stuff from Bedlam Supply Co floating around on my wishlist for quite awhile so I finally bought some of them. I was pretty stoked when everything showed up!


pinback buttons and stickers!

Funny story but not really: I discovered Clan of Xymox through this shop. I saw the button and was like… who the hell is that? After a quick trip to YouTube I found my new favorite goth band. They’re one of my favorite bands to listen to while I’m cleaning.

I had to include some other favorite bands and other pins that match my interests, like the palmistry hand, Elvira (*swoon*), and The Goblin King, who needed an extra large button.

As far as stickers go… I can’t resist anything to do with tarot, and I loved those vintage skeletons.

I attacked my backpack right away. Behold!


I used some star studs from a previously failed project to tack down one of the stickers. It worked just as I hoped!

Button placement isn’t very exciting. I just took a spray-n-pray approach to it.I’m ok with that.

I covered the pocket flap on the right with a piece of shitty lace I cut off a dress. RIP, dress. I just couldn’t stand to wear you anymore D:

I have some other stuff to stick on there but I’m too lazy for that right now there’s no hurry!

So I can’t be the only one who found a new favorite band in a weird an unexpected way. Tell me about your discoveries!


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