OotD: “You can’t wear that to the bank!”

Watch me, bitch.


right after getting back

I had business to do at the bank today. There was a back-and-forth with my bf and I about appropriate bank wear. He asked if I could wear anything else. “Like what? These are my clothes!” He asked if I have a longer skirt. Well yeah but there’s nothing wrong with this one.

To be fair, I asked him (years ago) to let me know if I ever looked like trash or really bad before leaving the house. But I don’t think this counts. Even if the the bottom layer of this skirt has a giant tear in it.


Top, Skirt, Legs: Heavy Red


Purse, Necklace, Bracelet (if I had remembered): Heavy Red

Boots: Iron Fist

Parasol: Amazon

Nailpolish: OPI, I think?


I love this necklace.

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