OotD: non-corp corp goth

My 3 piece $8 Heavy Red outfit makes another appearance! Ok I actually lost the tank when I moved and replaced it with a cheap one from elsewhere, but it’s practically the same thing.

I’m really bad at posing and even worse at my selfie stick. So give me a break here. I gotta get used to all this.



Top, Skirt, Leggings: Heavy Red

Shoes: Demonia


Bracelet, Necklace: Heavy Red

If I ever got a job, I’d wear this outfit but I’d probably switch out the necklace and I’d certainly switch out the shoes.

…. maybe.

As a side note… unfortunately the outfit is a bit too big for me. The top isn’t a big deal but the skirt could really use some taking in. I like where it sits on my hips but it makes the length awkwardly long and I feel like I’m wearing someone else’s skirt. So I’m seriously considering finding a tailor.



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