OotD – Occult edition

y hello there KvD


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted an OotD! Mostly because it’s really hard to get my own pics without a tripod.

Top: Brand is Paper Moon, thrifted from West Hollywood. It has some cool mesh details that are never visible. I accidentally shrank it so I think it might have meant to be a super mini dress? I’m not sure what that white stuff is. Ignore plz.

Leggings: Kill Star! My first Kill Star item! I got them off Amazon. They are SUPER NICE. They’re very thick, the designs are screen printed(?).

Shoes: Iron Fist. LOOKIT THE WEE BAT WINGS. I know there’s a better shoe choice for this outfit but these work until I have the right ones.

Necklace: ReStyle. This is a new favorite brand.

Rings: MariannaHarutunian on Etsy.

Nails: OMG DON’T LOOK. I’m so ashamed of their nakedness.

I’ve been wearing that top with some shorts, which was pretty cute but not not spoopy enough for my tastes. I saw those leggings and knew they were meant for that top.



One comment

  1. haha i love how you posed in front of kat von d! her eyeshadows are SO good 😀 love the leggings ❤
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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