Tarantula update!

Hey sexy bitches. I have a tarantula update for ya.

I got a new fuzzy babby! a Grammostola pulchripes.


I’ve named him/her Newb. SO CUTE. Photo taken 5/4/2016.

I got him at 1/2″. I’ve been feeding 1 small pinhead B. lateralis roach a week. I recently got some smaller B. dubia (by accident) so I think I’ll feed 2-3 a week, or maybe all at once. We’ll see.

Fun fact! I so rarely see this little shit that I actually forgot what he was! I kept thinking he was a Brachypelma smithi. I now call him my “pet hole”. Ew… that sounds… wrong…

As for George Peters… she had her 2nd molt on June 11th.


I suspect she is female, but only because I used a technique I found on YouTube. I can’t find the video now, but it involved shining a light on the underside of the tarantula and seeing if there’s a sort of wide slit that catches the light. The video was for a different species but I decided to try it anyway. There was an obvious slit. I know she’s still too small for an accurate sexing (this was after her 2nd molt with me), but I’ll just go with “Yay, a female!” for now.

I have been feeding her 1 good sized B. dubia a week. I just got in a fresh batch yesterday and I think I got the next size up by accident. I feel pretty bad about it. I fed her one today and she didn’t complain at all. I will be picking from the smaller ones for as long as I can (maybe even order the next size down). Or maybe I’ll wait 2 weeks between feedings.

I also moved her into a new apartment yesterday. Here she is, today, after feeding her a rather large dinner. Sorry, GP!

PicMonkey Collage

I’ve been eyeing a Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens for my next fuzzy bundle of joy. Maybe this month or next.

Here is GP’s new digs. She’s on the right. Newb is on the left, and is the size GP moved from.


That’s my tarantula update!

Let me know what you think. I’m worried about feeding GP such a large meal. I don’t want to overfeed. Should I stick with the smallest ones or is feeding her less frequently going to be fine?

Thanks for dropping by <3<3<3

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