Eee! Baby tarantula!


Best pic I could get before he hid!

Here’s my first tarantula. It arrived just a little bit ago. I was so nervous I almost puked. I’ve been studying tarantulas for several months now and I finally have one!

I set its enclosure up and got it in there pretty quick. I only got one good look at it before getting it in its new home. I’ll just say “he” for now. He went into his new home without any trouble and almost immediately found the little hidey spot I started for him.

This sling is a Brachypelma albopilosum i.e. Honduran Curlyhair. I got him from Jamie’s Tarantulas in a beginner’s kit along with B. lateralis for food. I think he may be a typical chillax curlyhair. I’ve heard the slings can be a bit wild but he’s chill so far.

The B. albo wasn’t my first choice for a first tarantula but it is one of the many that I want anyway.

I’m looking forward to seeing this little guy grow up.

*edit* he started making himself at home in less than an hour! check out a little vid on Instagram. 

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