Life Updates

People been asking about what I’ve been up to. Life updates ‘n shit. Well you’re not missing much, but to recap:

We finally got an apartment on the 1st!

The neighborhood is interesting. It’s maybe 15% white. Lots of Koreans, Latinos, I think I’ve seen some Japanese people at the market? I swear I heard them too once or twice. There is a KFC like 2 blocks away and on a busy evening you see a rainbow of people there and I just fucking love it. Our building is… interesting. It’s old. We have a gas heater that I hate but it works really well. Neighbors are NOT friendly. Not dicks, but not friendly. Like, hello?! I smiled at you, y u no acknowledge me? It’s like I’m invisible. Guess I got used to New Orleans 🙂

It took every last dime we had to get into this place so we basically had nothing until the middle of the month. Bought some much needed things but we’re still feeling the blow of basically “starting over”. Things should become much more comfortable over the next two pay periods.

If we’re lucky and we do things right I should have a desk and chair by next week, and a pressure cooker and a couple other kitchen things so I can start cooking at home. I’ve been amassing a list of pressure cooker things to try.

There is a laundry room but there’s only 1 washer and dryer from the stone age and they require quarters. There is a big laundry mat within walking distance so we’ll probably go there more often.

We’ve been shopping at an Asian market which is actually very neat. It has a lot of stuff that I’ve wanted to try messing with but it also lacks a lot of stuff that I would normally buy, or have wanted to try. So it’s not going to be our main grocery stop. It’s been interesting to shop in and trying to figure out what some of the things are since there’s a lot of foreign language going on.

Ummm I’ve dived back into the wonderful world of tarot again. It’s always been an off and on thing for me but I’m like getting into it HARDCORE now! And I’m having loads of fun with it. I’ve been blogging like crazy about it right over here. I’ve gained several new decks but it’s slowed down as I’ve discovered indie decks. They cost quite a bit more but they are so amazing.

On a similar note I started making my own tarot based oracle deck. I’m posting about it on the tarot blog but wanted to mention it here because it’s been a very interesting and big project. And I’m really excited to get my computer so I can make some digital decks. I have so many ideas!

Now that I have my own kitchen again I figured I want to do all sorts of kitchen stuff and of course I had to start a blog for that too. I was going to just do food posts here but figured I’d be posting too much. This blog already has enough topics. Oh and just this week I discovered the label “flexitarian”. Left to my own devices I eat very little meat. I can’t call myself a vegetarian because I will eat those chicken nuggets or hot dogs! I know, I know, I just needed another label, eh? So yeah, eh, whatever.

On a more NSFW/kink front I am now the Owner of a pet, and I’ve fully embraced my inner nekogirl, or kitten, or kittenplay or someshit like that. This just means I wear kitty ears and collars more often than I have been since I was like 20 =^-^=. I kind of wish I had really gotten into it when I was running with furries. Ah well.

Also have amassed quite a bit of fashion from Heavy Red since I left New Orleans. I’ve been lucky to find a lot of stuff on sale with the most expensive thing being like $50, with shipping. I’m really finding my goff groove. Need to re-dye my hair though.

Kurtis and I want a cat which will have to wait of course but ASAP I want to get some pet tarantulas. I’ve done a ton of research on them over the past few months and I am soooo ready. I have a few species in mind. Unfortunately the most coveted one I want is going to be the hardest to get but there are some good runners up.

Hmmm what else… physically I’ve been getting headaches, I think from having to sit on the floor/inflatable mattress at the time, which is why I’m super excited to get a desk and chair. I’m hoping to start doing yoga more seriously because I know that did wonders for my back last year. Need to get a mat and I think that’ll kick me into gear even more.

Mentally I’m stressed the fuck out over some health stuffs and just this whole ordeal since leaving New Orleans. I took us far too long to find an apartment. Like I feel like there was an actual Life Stage, or Part of My Life, where I was hopping motels. I was living in motels with no end in sight. I can’t keep doing this, I have to settle down. I don’t want to live in California though, as neat as Koreatown is.

As far as me having a job, I gave up on that a long time ago. Kurtis keeps wanting to invest in me to start up a business but I really can’t keep trying things. I would looooove to make candles and soap but there’s already a million people doing that and I just can’t be arsed to sell them. My dolly stitches venture didn’t work so well but it was summer when I was going it. And there’s no way that would make “enough” anyway.

So I’ve just been doing a lot of blogging, thinking about using affiliate links. I know that won’t do much but blogging has kept me somewhat sane and entertained.

So I guess that’s everything? I’m sure there’s some other stupid little detail. Meh.

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