Music Mondays 1/25/16

So I keep coming back to witch house. I found some interesting articles about it and in the process discovered some new favorites, M△S▴C△RA and †‡† (Mascara and Ritualz).

Witch House: Listen with the Lights On by Necci

†‡† (Ritualz): Anonymous Witch-House Musician Draws from Pop’s Dark Side by Beverly Bryan

DARK HORSE by Leah Sottile

I would actually very much like to make my own witch house but I don’t know where to begin. I have no music creation background and have always been terrible about music.

This shit has really gotten into my brainmeats, the same way that New Orleans has gotten into me. It knocks around and makes a mess that makes sense. That didn’t make sense but that’s ok. Because here’s some witch house to set you straight:


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