I’m Dreaming of a Dark Christmas: Crochet Snowflakes

Remember when I was talking about crocheting snowflakes? Well my red, silver, and black thread came in (aaages ago) as well as my hook. I’ve made 7 total!


I’m glad I gathered all those videos, they’ve been really helpful.

Overall the patterns are very easy. They’re quick little project. I made the first 6 of these while wearing my long faky nails and it was a pretty slipper ordeal. The last one was so much easier to do but still tough. I tried to do 3 more after these but I guess my crochet mojo ran out for awile.

The hardest part is seeing the teeny black stitches in the dim motel lighting. If I had the patterns printed up I’d just go to a well lit cafe or something.

So crap lighting has really slowed me down a lot unfortunately.

I’m actually looking forward to blocking them when I’m able to. I think they’ll be bad ass. I was thinking of incorperating glitter somehow. Maybe a light coating of spray glitter?

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