Music Mondays 11/30/2015

I’ve got something completely different for you today. And by “for you” I mean “for me”.

I have this obsession with Heavy Red and one of their models. I’d been searching for a long time to figure out who the model is. I finally found her last night: Elena Vladi! It turns out she’s in a band and as soon as I found out I knew I’d have to feature it in today’s post.

Unfortunately it’s not my type of music but Music Mondays is all about expanding my musical horizons so I have been poking through their YouTube.

The band is Red Queen, previously called Demona Mortiss.

It’s the screamgrunting that I can’t stand. If that wasn’t in the mix I would probably listen to them on occasion.

For something else that’s diffrent but lots easier on the ears, I present: Trevor Something.

Apparently there is a type of music called New Retro Wave. If you add “wave” at the end of any type of music is seems to click with me to some degree.

What I’m particullary loving abou that Trevor Something album is all the soundbite.. audio clip… things. Is that what they’re called? I love music with that shit.

I haven’t finished the album but I’ll be revisiting for sure.

And I guess I’ll leave today’s post with a Azar Swan song.

I saw someone on Reddit reccomend her for people who like Kate Bush. I actually don’t like Kate Bush but I’m digging this tune. I’m going to make sure to check out her other things.

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