OotD: I’m a Terrible Model and that’s OK

Woke up in a funk today. Not sure why. Maybe it was the funky dreams, the constant waking up because of BF’s restlessness, waking up to reality, or just all of that combined. Sometimes it gets to ya, you know?

Maybe it’s because I’m unable to comment on Blogspot blogs I admire (without jumping through hoops) or WordPress ate all my drafts and I’ve not been in the mood to start all those posts all over again. I have fun posts in mind but no, I guess they aren’t meant to se the light of day.

We went to grab some coffee at the local Starbucks. We call it Musclebucks because muscly guys tend to frequent the place en mass and that amuses me for some reason. God I love West Hollywood.


so excite


such model

Yeah I’m still neglecting my roots.

I’m expecting a large Heavy Red haul on Thursday or Friday and Get Together for the Sims 4 is coming out next Tuesday so I guess I should suck it up and be happy I have some things to look forward to.

Expect posts about those in the future!

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