DIY plans: crochet gothy snowflakes

So I’ve been itchin’ bad for a knit or crochet project. So I ordered a Swing hook and some thread in red, black, and silver. I’m planning on making a bunch of snowflakes. At the very least I’ll make them all black, one of every pattern I can find so they’re all unique. I doubt there’s enough patterns to really get me excited but we’ll see.

I grabbed the red and silver a bit on the whim, and because it wasn’t that much more especially when you factor in shipping. I was tempted to get yellow, as a really stupid, gross joke 🙂

Ideally I’d like to string them all up on fishing line or something, to make a “curtain” but I don’t know if I’ll be able to do that. At the very least I can have them laying about the motel room so they look pretty and festive. That’s the only kind of snow I’ll be able to see this year :-/

So I’m going to just drop a bunch of crochet snowflake tutorials here so I can keep track of them and maybe some of you will join along, hmmm??

OK I’m going to see if I can share the playlist I’m making. I’ll probably be adding for awhile!

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