OotD, coat haul, + DIY plans!

OK I had an extra horrible time trying to take outfit pics today. So instead of being whiny and mopey about it I tried to make it fun. After 2+ hours of effort, sweat, tears, and over 200 photos… I wasn’t about to just let it all be trashed.

The Clothes!

I’ve had this really cute idea for displaying my OotD items on their own before putting them on. It.. it didn’t work out.


why such fail 😦

Coat: Red Balls of Fire

Shawl: 2nd hand

Dress: Heavy Red

Leggings: Heavy Red

Shoes: Thrifted Demonia

All Put Together!

I then tried about 5 locations around our hotel to do full body shots. I tried. I really did, I swear.

PicMonkey Collage

The Haul!

I also got a new coat! And you can maybe tell in the shit pictures above. It’s been getting chilly here in WeHo so I went on a loooong online hunt for the prefect coat. It was a long 2 day search. I wanted something with at least a touch of gothy flair and there were sooo many coats I just loved. But I settled on a Red Balls on Fire coat.

I’m a bit disappointed in it. It’s way too thin and that’s all my fault. It’s literally just the outside brocade type fabric which is thin, like thinner than denim, and the lining, which feels a touch satiny. It’s a bit better than the shitty thin crappy lining you see a lot, but it’s not like the nice satin lining in my Heavy Red lace up skirt.

When I was considering each and every one of the other coats I was really concerned about the right thickness. Most seemed too warm or not warm enough. Only a handful seemed like they’d be just right. I was so exhausted by the end of my searching that… I guess I just forgot to pay attention to the warmth factor. The seller didn’t mention anything about thickness or anything, so that didn’t help.

Oh well. It looks really nice and it’s one of the few things I have that will cover my arms, so that’s good! And it only cost me ~$50 off eBay. It will be easy to wear everywhere and pack if I need to.

The DIY Plans!

I found some patches right after I bought it that I thought would look nice on it. I don’t want to turn it into a big project, just wanted a few details.

I want to at the very least put a moon phase patch, on the back right below the neck. You know, between the shoulders. And maybe (this is a big maybe) a bigger patch below that, maybe something like a Ouija board, or some other witchy occult thing. I’m not sure if that one will be too much though.

I don’t want to steal anyone’s photos so click here to see an Etsy link filled with neat occult patches! 

As for other mods, I wouldn’t mind perhaps lining the very bottom edge with a bunch of pyramid studs. Like some black, gunmetal, or perhaps antiqued brass. I don’t want them to be really flashy and obvious. Just a little something there that you wouldn’t notice unless you’re really looking, maybe?

Here’s a bunch of studs on Etsy.

I’ve never done anything with patches or studs before so I’m excited to try something new. I considered putting some band button pins on the lapel but that would just be too much. I’ll get a different jacket at some point that I can really go crazy on.


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