Music Mondays 11/9/15

Hey sexy bitches! Sorry about missing last week. I guess I just wasn’t feeling it. But I’ll make up for it with something really good: Virgin Black! I’m so excited I could cut glass, yo.

I found this group, Virgin Black, through Reddit and I’m so very into it. I can’t wait to buy this album. I hadn’t heard of them before… they’re like a symphonic doom goth metal band? It’s intense, exciting, filled with a seething dark energy, and dramatic and the band is from from Australia! Thank you, Australia. I love you. How have I not heard of this group? Ohh I’m so in love! I think they have 2 other albums that I really want to check out.

And then I have something completely different: Friends of Alice. Yet another completely new-to-me group. If you need something to help you come down for Virgin Black, this is it. It’s really quite serene and beautiful. I wish I could understand the words or find the lyrics somewhere.

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