Crimson Peak: a new goth classic?

be forewarned I am not a professional movie reviewer, so don’t expect anything special, or spoilers!

I saw the trailer for Crimson Peak awhile back and promptly forgot what it was about. I would have completely forgotten about it if the goth community wasn’t so excited about it. I remembered the visuals were pretty awesome so I figured I’d go. It took a lot of pestering to get my BF to go with me because he doesn’t like horror. I had heard that the movie wasn’t heavy on the horror at all so I didn’t feel bad about dragging him along. Besides, he owes me. I can’t count how many movies I saw with him that I had zero interest in. (he ended up liking it!)

I’m unfamiliar with the 2 lady actresses, Mia Wasikowska and Jessica Chastain though it turns out the latter was in the Martian which I also saw but I don’t remember her in it. Tom Hiddleston is the only actor I am a little familiar with and I enjoyed seeing him in this movie.

I’m no expert but I’d say this movie was less horror, more fairy tail-tragedy(?) so I was right about it not being heavy on the horror. It had a couple creepy moments (and a violent scene that made me feel a bit sick because I was expecting the camera to cut away) but the scariest parts were the annoyingly loud jump scare sounds, even though it was predicable of course. That would be my first major complaint about the movie.

The acting was forgettable. I don’t know if maybe the casting could have been better or the actors were just… meh. The leading lady was absolutely nothing special. Tom did the best but even then it wasn’t special. The chemistry between Tom and Mia was terrible throughout the entire movie. I didn’t even realize they were “in love” until it was spelled out for me. And even after he whisked her away to his dilapidated house and they were making with the smooches it just felt very mechanical. Maybe that was on purpose… tapping into that “You’re supposed to get married and have kids” thing? Or maybe I was just distracted by all the beautiful fashion and scenery to appreciate the acting?

The music was also not very special at all. As well as the direction. All very forgettable.

The story was predictable but still fun. It sucked me right in. Girl meats boy, boy sweeps girl off to awesome haunted house to live with his creepy sister? Sure, sign me up!

But this movie was filled with “meh”, save for the visuals. The sets, the costumes, the colors… everything was just such a feast for the eyes! And I’ll put symbolism into that as well. I also absolutely loved the vibe of the film, the feel it gives. I’d say Crimson Peak, as a movie, is a delivery system of beautiful visuals to my eyeballs. I kind of liked how the ghosts looked at times but sometimes they reminded me of old cheesy scary movies.

My other major complaint is a loose end that has been bugging me a bit. I normally don’t care or notice loose ends and plot holes but the Crimson Peak “warning” has been bugging me.

I think this movie will become a classic goth movie because of the beauty layered on top of all the sub-par, forgettable, well…. everything.

Overall: Yes I liked this movie. I actually loved it. I’d like to go see it again. I plan on owning it on DVD. But I’d also like to see an alternate universe where it was done better, with at least better actors or acting, and filling in the pestering plot hole(s). I’m a sucker for this kind of fairy tail tragedy I guess.

Have you seen it? What did you think?

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