fun with glich art, pixel sorting, and double exposure

I discovered glitch art and pixel sorting earlier this year and I have been hooked. I can’t really explain the attraction but there is something that’s just incredibly right about it. I also love the unpredictability of your results as well as the many different ways to do it. Here’s a few things I whipped up today:


photo: mine. method: Glitch! for Android.


photo: mine: method: Glitch! for Android.

My preferred glitching fuel is a shot of bourbon in a glass of Negra Modelo, which is a beer I fell in love with at about the same time I started glitching. The combo is another attraction that I can’t seem to explain. They just click so very well.


photo: mine. method: Glitch! for Android.


photo: method: Glitch! for Android.

And I know this is too similiar to the one above but I still liked it a lot:


photos: mine. method: Glitch! and BlendPic for Android.

I also noticed that this stuff has a Witch House (as in music) aesthetic to it sometimes but I didn’t notice until now. Next time I’m going to have to add some Sidewalks and Skeletons to the mix!

Have you heard about glitch art before? You should give it a whirl! You can use something as simple as an .jpg and WordPad but as I said above, there’s a lot of ways to do it!

*edit* I made a couple more before falling asleep last night:


photo: method: Glitch! for Android.


photos: method: BlendPic for Android

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