Music Mondays 10/20/15

I’m late in posting this because my back has been giving me problems and, again, WordPress kind of ate the list I was keeping to share. Maybe I should stop making post drafts? So I’m making this on Tuesday but post-dating it for Monday. So yes I’m cheating.

OK so I finally got around to checking out Witch House. It’s only natural I get to this point.

What wiki says on Witch HouseWitch house (also known as drag or Haunted house) is an occult-themed dark electronic music genre and visual aesthetic that emerged in the late 2000s.

So the tracks I’ve been finding that I like I REALLY like. And the tracks that I don’t like I pretty much can’t stand at all. And I LOVE THE AESTHETIC. OMG.

I’ll see if I can re-find the tracks I like but for now, if you want to explore this genre, this channel seems good to check out: N¡gh†m∆res ∆nd 8Ø8s

Here’s a track by Dead Priest which I just love:

There was one or two others that I can’t find now and I apologize. It’s hard to concentrate with this level of pain.

There’s a ton of playlists on YouTube but I haven’t been able to listen all the way through one yet. Here’s one I’m listening to now:

What do you all think of witch house? Do you have any recommendations for me? There seems to be so few tracks that really call to me and those are the darker, spookier ones.

*eta* OK I’m in love with Sidewalks and Skeletons.

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