Music on Mondays 6/29/15


I’ve discovered a band that I feel like I’ve been wanting all my life: Sopor Aeternus & THe Ensemble of Shadows. Um… fair warning. The lead singer is rather scary looking and can disturb those who are easily disturbed. Don’t get me wrong, I love how she looks. But she actually frightens me a bit… in an exciting way.

This was the first song I found:

But holy shit everything they do is amazing. Pick any of their songs. They’re all good! But even better they did a cover of one of my most favorite songs EVER:

And, for something completely different: Michael Jackson. I don’t think I’d actually much footage of him, certainly not live. I was quite entertained but his stage presence.

My other things that I’m just dying to share is this dude, Nikolas Lima. This song is absolutely stunning but needs explanation to be fully enjoyed. He was a she and recorded the tong before he went on testosterone. 6 months later he sang it again as his new self but sang it with his old self. He couldn’t have picked a better song:

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