Music on Mondays 6/22/15

So this is a new thing I may or may not do once or more than once, off and on or never again.

Welcome to Music on Mondays! I’m going to post about music that I’ve been listening to the past week. Sometimes it’s gonna be new (to me) music. Sometimes it’ll be something I just found and fell in love with. I may or may not even post something that make me want to stab my ear-holes with dead ferrets.

I kind of wanted to do this because:

1) I wanted to keep track of the music I’ve been digging.

2) I want to share the music I’m digging.

3) Because.

Let’s start with Band-Maid. They’re a newish Jrock band and I think worth keeping your ears on. Here’s something my good buddy sent me, that I dig quite thoroughly. It’s their latest video:

Something I’ve been trying to explore lately is dark wave and goth music. I’m smitten with Sisters of Mercy. I particularly love Marian.

Yesterday I was listening to a bunch of Lorde. AGAIN. I can’t get enough of her. I love ALL of her songs but here’s an amazing one from a terrible movie:

BUT DUDES CHECK THIS OUT. I think The Neighborhood is my new favorite band. I’ve only listened to like 4 of their songs, this is the last one and this is what really made me want to start this post:

The Neighborhood is like Pop music had a baby with Boy Band music and that baby was grown up in a nice environment and learned about love and tolerance and I dunno social fucking justice or some shit. I don’t even know, that was just my initial reaction. I don’t say shit that doesn’t make sense. YOU SAY SHIT THAT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE.

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