TS4 Residential Lot: Plan #48-641

OK so I guess I really am moving away from my simblr. That’s ok.

I hadn’t built anything for a really long time. Then the other day I saw a comment (my ONLY comment at the time) in my gallery:

Screenshot 2015-04-13 20

D’awwww. How sweet 🙂 I very rarely get feedback, especially something so positive SO I BUILT ANOTHER HOUSE. It’s heavily inspired off this.

I feel like I’ve improved a lot since my last build. I think this is the first time I used MOO so that helped some. Only problem is the house was originally worth around $18 and then it went to $4k and now it’s… $9k? I dunno bro. I’ll share it anyway.

Clickie the next image to go to it in the gallery.

Screenshot 2015-04-13 20

04-13-15_7-00 PM

I suddenly realized I forgot a floorplan shot.

04-13-15_7-02 PM-2


04-13-15_7-02 PM

Desk nook in the main area.

04-13-15_7-01 PM-3

The bed area with a screen dividing it from the kitchen nook.

04-13-15_7-01 PM-2

The dining nook. I envision a lot of Sim’s photos here.

04-13-15_7-01 PM

View from the dining table. Sims can watch TV awhile eating. And of course there’s the kitchen.

04-13-15_7-00 PM-2

There’s a little garden area to this side.

04-13-15_8-32 PM

The front!

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