Sims 4 Challenge: Time Lord Chapter 2

I had… problems… with First Explorer. Actually more like the rules. And her house. The rules updated and changed a bit and I didn’t notice until today. I had her on a 20 x 30 lot so I moved her onto the required 50 x 50 lot. Then I tweaked me awesome house in an annoyingly bad way so I switched to a new house. The new house is tiny and is stuck in the far back corner of the lot so it looks… weird. But oh well.

03-05-15_10-27 PM-3

This is Second Explorer. Her traits are Creative, Art Lover, and Neat. her ambition is Creativity – Painter Extraordinaire which she finished with a ton of time left over. So she’s been working on her Tardis and violin skills.

She’s was -almost- as ugly as Rose Tyler so I slapped some S-Club stuff on her and voila! No more horse face!

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