Sims 4 Challenge: Time Lord Chapter 1

I’m not sure where to put this. I have a Sim blog on Tumblr but I hate Tumblr for that kind of thing. I also have a Sim blog on Blogspot but I love WordPress. So I’ll put it here, I guess.

I found this Time Lord challenge over on Reddit and I decided to give it a whirl. I’ve been thinking about doing a Sim that has to do ALL the ambitions and thought I’d have to just do a generational legacy challenge thing. I still might but I liked this idea too.

02-26-15_1-38 PM

My first Time Lord is called First Explorer.Her first ambition is Bodybuilder. She’s active, hates children and is clumsy. She succeeded her first ambition which was Athletic-Bodybuilder. She had a lot of time left over to start working on her painting skills.

Here she is meeting her first Companion.

02-26-15_3-32 PM

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