KonMari Chapter 2: Arts ‘n Crafts

Whew. Parade season is finally over so I can really focus on my sparkly tidying again.

I decided to put off going through my books because most of them are in storage. The ones in my posession are already tidy-ish enough, and then the rest are on my Kindle. I could go through my Kindle and remove books but I think I’ll save that for when I have all my books in one spot.

So I’m putting off books and creating my own chapter.

Kurtis ordered me a set of decorative boxes that were supposed to have an owl print. They showed up with a Paris theme print. I’m not too happy about that but I do like the Paris print. He also ordered me a filing box. I haven’t gotten into paper-tidying yet but I am putting any papers I find in the filing box. The former set was a bit pricey but they’re nice to look at and I can organize my arts ‘n crafts things in them.

So I’ll be honest and say there’s still more crafty things in the room that I need to organize, as well as the storage shed. But I organized all the things I use or want to use the most, and would be easier to deal with. I think I need more boxes for the rest but I’d rather just get rid of stuff. We’ll see! Also: I keep finding little things that I didn’t see before that need to be put away. So I feel like this isn’t a very complete representation of a final stage.

So here is the area to the left of my desk, minus the yarny project bag. Ignore that ugly brown box. It just has cables and Nintendo 3DS stuff in it.


Bones says hi.

Yes, that’s a piano bench with storage under the lid. I used to keep dolls in there.

And here’s some shots and rambles about the different containers.

So. It’s coming along. I did give away/toss some stuff. Not much, and I know I need to do more. I’d ideally love to fit the rest of my crafty stuff into these boxes but it’s going to be a rough ride.

What seems to keep me from really getting rid of a lot of stuff is that I sunk a lot of money into these things. Some of it just recently. I’m terrible at selling things and I don’t want to just give things away (dat bead collection… dat hurt, bro).

Ok so the next chapter is going to be papers I think. I’m sure I have some in storage but I think it’ll be fine to do what I have in person, since I have a nice box for them. I don’t have hangy file folders but that’s ok for now.

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