KonMari Chapter 1: Clothes

So I tackled clothes tonight. Here are some unhelpful photos.

I piled ALL my clothes (minus socks, undies, costumes, but including seasonal and no-longer-fitting things) on my bed:


I went through errything and folded all the keepers. I did a quick ‘n sloppy version of the KonMari folding method. Here is everything, minus socks, undies, seasonal, and costumy things:


Here’s my sock/undies/jammies!


Shirts! Including stuff that is certainly going to be too warm here in New Orleans:


Last but not least, my pants/shorts/short skirts and leggins! Aaaaand I’m actually not sure where my pants are but they belong there too. But look at all that extra space!


I have some stuff (a couple dresses, long skirts) hanging in the closet and I even have more dresser space, like a whole empty drawer and another one that has random doll junk in it. I’m sharing a dresser with my BF who has 3 drawers. He doesn’t use them so I’m tempted to steal them to store other things.

Oh! Here’s what I got rid of! It’s a lot of stuff. Not as much as I would like, but certainly more than I thought I would get rid of, especially considering how many times I’ve purged the last several months.


Overall I have to say it was a pretty fun and easy process. I like this kind of thing so it didn’t bother me at all. But what really surprised me was how freeing it was. Like I was given a proper excuse to get rid of stuff. Kind of like being given a gift card for a store you always wanted to shop at but never could.

I can’t wait to move on to the next chapter in this process, which is books! Most of my books are in storage but I do have some with me. I got rid of some recently I think so it probably won’t be as effective as doing my clothes.

*edit* I forgot to mention all the seasonal/costume/unfittingbutstilljoyful things went into my suitcase which went into the closet.

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